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Important Updates for RMP Energy Storage

Nov 14 2023 AGM – New Board of Directors Appointed

  1. Shareholders appointed the following directors effective November 14, 2023:

    Deb Thorn, Chair and CEO        

    Lorry Wilson, CFO

    Pamela Wilson, VP

    Bill Kennedy, Director

    Ron Wilson, Director


  2. Jan van Egteren and Lee Lodge have stepped down as  directors and  officers and are no longer involved in management.

  3. Shareholders have approved a payout distribution plan to RMP ES shareholders. The new BOD is exploring various alternatives to winding up RMP ES and SATL with an objective of maximizing returns to its shareholders.

  4. Change of Corporate Address:
    RMP Energy Storage Inc.
    8335 Edgevalley Dr NW
    Calgary, Alberta T3A 4X2


RMP ES and SATL – Assets for sale or bid

The list of intellectual property (IP), consultant reports and studies on various projects,right of ways, and mineral leases are currently being aggregated. Although RMP ES has a carried interest in two renewable energyprojects held by ABO, it has no other physical assets. SATL is jointly owned with Lectrix and RMP ES. For alist of potential development projects include please contact Deb Thorn or Lorry Wilson for more information.

Deb Thorn, Chair and CEO

RMP Energy Storage Inc.

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